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Green Slip

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In order to start your quote
please select if your vehicle is registered
for Business Use or for Private Use.
Our team will provide you with the best quote available
from our preferred providers of NSW CTP (Compulsory Third
Party Personal Injury Insurance) also known as Greenslip providers.
Please note that all our preferred providers offering NSW Greenslips with Driver At-Fault Cover*.
We are specialising in all kinds of greenslips - from business use to company, counsel and corporate fleet vehicles including sedans, utes, trucks, buses and taxis registered in NSW.

What is Green Slips?

Green Slips insurance is compulsory in the NSW.

It provides cover for personal injury. In certain situations, it will also provide cover no matter who was responsible for the accident.

When you register your car, truck or bike in New South Wales you will have to arrange CTP Greenslips insurance.

Greenslips insurance would cover you for injuries to other road users such as the drivers and passengers in or on other motorised vehicles. It would not cover you for damage to other property or vehicles.

Following improvements made in October 2006, CTP Green Slips insurance will provide cover no matter who is responsible for the accident should a person suffer a catastrophic injury, an accident, where no one felt to be at fault, such as if someone had a heart attack whilst driving, or should a child be injured in a motor vehicle accident.

You can read more about Green Slips insurance here.

How I can get Green Slips

Colonial Insurance provides access to quotations from a number of providers of CTP Green Slips insurance through their online calculator in as little as 30 seconds.

If, like many people, you are keen to keep your household expenditure to a minimum, it is important that you do everything that you can to obtain one of the most competitive priced CTP Green Slips insurance policies on the market. However, it is also important that you are confident that your Greenslips provides you with the appropriate level of cover.

We provide access to reputable providers of Greenslips insurance policies through our online calculator. The system is quick and simple to use, providing you with competitive quotations that you can peruse at your leisure. However, having obtained a quote, if you wish to arrange the Greenslips insurance straight away this can be done online, including arranging payment.

So, if you have a few moments now why not take the opportunity to get a competitively priced Green Slips insurance quote here.

Green Slips for business use

If you own a business operating at least one business vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles you will need either Business CTP Green Slips or Fleet CTP Green Slips insurance.

A saving of up to 40% can be achieved on Greenslips for business vehicles registered in New South Wales.

Business CTP Green Slips

If the business is registered for the Goods and Service Tax (GST) it can claim an Input Tax Credit (ITC) on the GST part of the Green Slips insurance premium.

Please note, Business CTP insurance provider is allowed to charge a higher premium if your business is claiming ITC in respect of the premium’s GST element. If your business does not claim an ITC in relation to GST the premium increase in respect of policies issued from 1st January 2012 has to be between 6.5% and 7.5%.

Fleet CTP Green Slips

Fleet CTP Green Slips tend to be cheaper for vehicle fleet than for individual CTP Green Slips with a saving of up to 40% on fleet vehicles registered in NSW.

You can read more about Business and Fleet Green Slips insurance here.